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    SONTRONICS Mercury Vintage Edition

Limited edition

SONTRONICS Mercury Vintage Edition

Condenser Microphone | Product code:


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Launched in 2019, the Mercury Vintage Edition is a special version of Mercury that has been fitted with a Mullard M8162 vacuum tube.

This valve, guaranteed to be pre-1970, gives Mercury an unmistakable vintage sound, providing even warmer lows together with an even silkier top-end response. The longer it's used for, the better it sounds.

We've been lucky to procure some of the world's last stocks of these valves so this version of Mercury is an EXTREMELY limited edition!

Sontronics Mercury is a variable-pattern valve condenser microphone that guarantees you spectacular results, whatever you’re recording.

Hand-built in the UK, Mercury utilises premium-grade electronic components with exceptionally low tolerances, rarely used in microphone manufacturing. This results in an impeccably clean signal and superbly accurate reproduction of vocals and instruments.

Mercury’s power supply features both pad and filter switches, and a fully sweepable polar pattern control that provides an infinite choice of pickups, from omni to figure-of-eight and every nuance in between.

All this plus its exceptionally low self-noise make Mercury a must-have for anyone serious about achieving the very best quality results.


  • Microphone type: Condenser
  • Suitable for: Universal
  • Directional Characteristics: Cardioid, Omni, Figure 8
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 200 Ohm
  • On/Off Switch: No
  • Weight: 1.03 kg
  • Quantity: 1
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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