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    SAMSON Samson Expedition 25I

SAMSON Samson Expedition 25I

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A Handheld PA System for On-the-Go Audio.
Samson's Expedition 25i Portable PA makes public address more mobile than ever before. This versatile loudspeaker/push-to-talk microphone system provides power and performance in a highly portable package. A combination of ergonomic design and all-inclusive features allow the Expedition 25i to perform anywhere you need to address a crowd.

Beginning with its lightweight and conveniently designed enclosure, which includes a carry handle, shoulder strap, mic stand adapter and internal rechargeable battery, Expedition 25i (XP25i) provides all-in-one audio. Controlled by a push-to-talk microphone, XP25i features a 5-inch full-range loudspeaker with 25 watts of RMS power.

The unit offers additional versatility by including 1/8-inch line in/outputs, 1/4-inch mic inputs, aux inputs and a built-in iPod dock with level control so you can play your favorite tunes. These high-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure a long life for your XP25i.

This handheld PA delivers your message in a variety of situations. From business meetings, classroom activities and guided tours to crowd control, sports coaching and tailgating parties, XP25i is the perfect PA solution.

Lead Your Colleagues and Classmates
Grab the attention of your colleagues and classmates with the XP25i. The system is great for hands-on presentations and demonstrations in both professional and educational settings. The XP25i’s portable design enables professionals to display and test consumer products in public forums, as well as direct their storage and maintenance in warehouses. Also, use the XP25i in the classroom to deliver a lecture or out in the field to power an interactive learning experience. In both cases, the use of prerecorded materials is possible via the XP25i’s iPod docking capabilities.

Control the Crowd
Matters of crowd control now have a more resourceful alternative to the megaphone. The XP25i’s rugged, lightweight design is ideal for getting vital information to the masses in such on-the-go situations as guided tours, concerts, sporting events, in-store functions, and traffic direction. In addition, the XP25i’s internal iPod dock can easily amplify and broadcast any prerecorded audio like public service announcements to the crowd.

Sound Support for Sports
Sports coaching is another way in which the XP25i has revolutionized the conventional megaphone. Whether your using it to run team workouts and practices, analyze video of previous matches at team meetings, or pumping up players before a game by blasting their favorite music through the loudspeaker via iPod, the XP25i brings the voice of a coach to a whole new amplitude. Also, demonstrate your team spirit at a level never before possible, or simply provide musical entertainment for a classic tailgate party with the XP25i.

Samson’s Expedition 25i Portable PA: A handheld PA system for on-the-go audio.

Compact, lightweight, design with carry handle and strap
5-inch full-range loudspeaker with 25 watts of power
Push-to-talk microphone included
Built-in iPod dock with level control
Integrated microphone stand mount
Rechargeable battery included


  • Power Output: 150 W
  • RMS Output: 75 W
  • Max. SPL: Výrobce neuvádí dB
  • LF Driver: 6 "
  • HF Driver: 1 "
  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Input Ports: 3x XLR/TRS, 2x TRS, TRS 3,5 mm
  • Output Ports: 2x TRS
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Battery Operated: No
  • Nest 36 mm: Yes
  • Dimensions: 218x354x395 mm
  • Weight: 10.8 kg
  • UK Plug: No
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