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Guitar and Accessories Special Offers

If you're a novice musician looking for a good deal on a guitar, this is the place to choose your first instrument. You'll also find children's guitars on sale to help cultivate the talent of the youngest players. In addition to discounted electric and acoustic guitars, you can also choose from inexpensive guitar combos. For aficionados we have also included limited edition guitars and amps.

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  • Unpacked-4%

    HÉRGÉT Vital 008 DR/ BO (opened)

    Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag



    In Stock

  • Unpacked-4%

    BLOND CL-12 BL (opened)

    Children's Classical Guitar



    In Stock

  • Unpacked-4%

    MARTIN LX1E (opened)

    Electro-Acoustic Guitar



    In Stock

  • Unpacked-4%

    BLACKSTAR Acoustic:Core 30 (opened)

    Acoustic Instrument Combo



    In Stock

  • Unpacked-4%

    L.R. BAGGS M1 (opened)

    Acoustic Guitar Pickup



    In Stock

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