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Bass Guitar Modelling Combos

The modelling combo is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a universal combo for their bass guitar. With a modelling combo, you can broaden the horizons of possibilities for simulating popular amps. This means you have a wide range of sounds and settings at your fingertips.

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  • Power Output
  • Speaker
  • Number of Simulators
  • Number of Effects
  • External Speaker Cabinet Output Port
  • DI Output
  • USB
  • Integrated Tuner
  • Headphone Output Port
  • MP3/Line In
  • Footswitch Input Port
  • Footswitch Included
  • New

    FENDER Rumble™ LT25

    Bass Guitar Modelling Combo


    In Stock

  • ROLAND Micro Cube RX Bass

    Bass Guitar Modelling Combo


    In Stock

  • BLACKSTAR ID:Core Beam

    Guitar Modelling Combo


    In Stock

  • VOX Adio Air BS

    Bass Guitar Modelling Combo


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