The aim of the bonus is to reward loyal customers. The bonus works as virtual cash the customer earns for each order placed in their name and matched with their customer account. Each product is assigned a specific bonus (not a fixed amount – can change over time) that the customer receives regardless of whether the purchase is made at one of our stores, online or by phone. If the order is not placed online, the customer must share their customer account number to which the bonus will be credited with the salesperson. 1 bonus point = £1, which can then be used to reduce the price of any future order . The bonus can be used to reduce the price of an order by up to 50 %. If the customer returns the goods or cancels the order, the points are deducted from their account. The current status of the 'My Bonus' account is available by logging in to your customer account; click on your name in the upper right corner of the e-shop to open the menu and select 'My Bonus'. reserve the right to add or substract bonus points at its own discretion. Bonus points are good for one year. A used bonus point is not refundable. If a customer uses a bonus, they will not receive it back if, for example, they return goods.

More info on the customer bonus is available here.

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