How to choose musical instruments for beginners

This article is meant to help decide which musical instrument beginners should buy.

Surely you can already see yourself in the rehearsal room with friends or at home in your living room as you unpack your new instrument. You familiarise yourself with its sound and impatiently test its possibilities. But which one should you choose? Is it best to get an acoustic-electric guitar straight away or start with the ukulele? Are there children's guitars, kid's drums and instruments in sizes for the youngest budding musicians?

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For beginners it's best to answer a few basic questions:

  • What instrument do you want to play? If you're not sure, stop in at our store and try all the instruments we have available. One of them will surely grab your attention
  • What will you use your instrument for? Do I want to play for my own enjoyment at home or sell out concert halls? What's my favourite style? Do I have enough room for the instrument? For example, even drums are a good idea for a flat if you buy an electronic drum kit.
  • How much can I invest in an instrument? Instruments for beginners are usually cheaper, but instruments can also be interesting investments. Consider which accessories you need for the instrument. These include pedals, cases, headphone, cables, speakers, etc.
  • Do I have enough room for the instrument? For example, even drums are a good idea for a flat if you buy an electronic drum kit.
  • Consider which accessories you need for the instrument. These include pedals, cases, headphone, cables, speakers, etc.

  • And be sure to take a look at our shopping guides with tips for choosing various musical instruments.


    The best-known string instrument and also the most popular instrument in the world is the guitar. Based on your needs, you can choose among acoustic, acoustic-electric and electric guitars. There are also bass guitars and classical (Spanish) guitars, which have a wider neck than acoustic guitars. In addition to guitars in classic sizes, there are also children's guitars with the same quality, only in smaller sizes. A good introduction to string instruments is the ukulele, which is small, affordable and easy to learn. Simply learn the chords C, Em, F, G and Am, and you'll be able to have the famous song Somewhere over the Rainbow at your fingertips. Choose guitars here

    Recorder and clarinet

    Wind instruments are relatively small and can be carried around comfortably. They offer a quick initial phase of learning, and the clarinet offers the possibility to switch to the saxophone, which provides greater space for improvisation. Recorders are the ideal instrument for children , and the instrument has a number of positive influences on them. The price of recorders for beginners are very afforable. They are the ideal starting line for budding musicians. Choose recorders here

    Brass instruments

    Brass instruments are relatively large, but are also made in smaller versions for children. This category includes the French horn, the trumpet, trombone and tuba. Choose brass instruments here

    Keyboard instruments

    The most widespread keyboard instrument is the piano. This piano provides an excellent theoretical foundation for learning any other instrument. As such, it is the ideal instrument for beginners. Although pianos are large and heavy, they can also serve as a beautiful piece of furniture. A smaller and more convenient option is a digital piano , the volume of which can be regulated, and you can also connect headphones. An important feature of digital pianos is the simulation of hammer action, which provides the feel of an acoustic piano. Keyboards are suitable for beginners. These often offer more sound possibilities than digital pianos and are more compact. Keyboards are also produced in sizes for children, providing them creative enjoyment. If it is your dream to produce electronic music, a better option might be MIDI keyboards, which can be connected to a computer as external hardware; the music program on the computer is then controlled by the keyboard. Sound is limited only by your imagination. Choose keyboard instruments here

    Drums and percussion instruments

    You'll definitely have a lot of fun playing on drums and percussion instruments. A drum kit is the most variable instrument of all – you can have one drum or one hundred. The price is naturally also based on the size of the drum kit. The basic setup is composed of five drums (bass, floor tom, tom-tom and snare), four cymbals (hi-hat, ride, crash), hardware that joins everything together, and of course drumsticks. To play the drums you need a sense of rhythm and good coordination. Drum kits are available in acoustic and electronic versions. Electronic drums are perfect in places where the noise might otherwise bother other people.  There is a wide range of percussion instruments, and they are often very easy to learn . It's enough to love rhythm. Choose drums and percussion instruments here

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