Easy UK shipping

Easy UK shipping
No need to worry about the Brexit situation. We've already solved all the issues with customs, VAT and delivery.

No additional VAT, customs or import charges
Kytary covers all the customs fees. All the prices in the e-shop are final. No additional costs to worry about. However, there are a few rules we have to follow. Find the complete business conditions here.

There are certain size and weight limits for standard shipping through RoyalMail:

max dimensions: 18,1 x 18,1 x 25,2 inch / 460 x 460 x 640 mm
max weight: 44,1 LB / 20 kg
max circumference: 118,1 inch / 3000 mm

(Please keep in mind that Brexit makes the whole process a bit slower so expect later delivery dates than you're used to. More details here.)

Warranty and Returns
Kytary provides 3-year warranty and 14-day return policy. More details here.

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