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The Kytary.cz website was first launched in the year 2000, and the first customer made their purchase. Today, Kytary.cz has three brick and mortar stores, an enormous logistics centre where hundreds of orders are processed on a daily basis, and the company is number one on the Czech market.

But none of this would have been possible without you. Thank you for sharing our passion for music.

Company history

A Kytary.cz cég története


Bass guitarist Jan Pils registers the Kytary.cz domainand lays the cornerstone of the company. Instruments are initially shipped from his flat. Later he builds a company that will set the trend for the entire musical instrument market.


Two years later we open our first store in Dačického Street in Prague. The space has an area of only 16 m2. Vladimír Myslík joins the project in this same year, enriching it with modern technological approaches. The ensuing work relationship and friendship becomes the foundation for building a very strong team.


Kytary.cz confirms its leading position on the market. Tomáš Novák comes on board and to this day makes a strong contribution to the smooth operation of the entire company.


The Děkanka store opens its doors in 2006, and this store in Děkanská vinice Street becomes an essential place for Czech musicians.


A critical turning point arrives. The company continues to grow and by now needs to build a large logistics centre. This centre is created in Prague-Modřany.


The original logistics centre becomes an extensive complex to which, in addition to the instruments, all administrative functions of the company move. Hundred of square metres of office space and thousands of square metres of warehouse space are proof that something special is emerging in Modřany.


The Brno store opens! The Moravian capital also deserves a large and modern musical instrument store. Kytary.cz is happy to satisfy this demand.


Company revenue exceeded CZK 200 million in the previous year. Kytary.cz represents dozens of prominent brands and retains its position as the leader on the musical instrument market.


Kytary.cz has become a respected firm, as the 2013 Shop of the Year award confirms.


The company wins the award for a second time in 2014 . A major renovation of the Modřany store is also implemented this year, and a new concept in the sale of musical instruments is established. Customers can choose and test instruments directly from the central warehouse, expanding selection possibilities even further.


To celebrate the company's 15th anniversary, Kytary.cz plans a concert with Czech and foreign guitar giants for a proper celebration. And the company continues its successful journey. Following the positive response from Slovak customers, Kytary.cz decides to create a special e-shop for Slovak musicians and launches Kytary.sk.


In 2016, a new language mutation of the e-shop is created, and Kytary launches the Polish e-shop Kytary.pl.


The year 2017 brings two more new foreign projects. The Kytary.hu website is launched in Hungary, Kytary.ro in Romania.

A Kytary.cz cég története

A Czech company

Kytary.cz is operated by the purely Czech company AUDIO PARTNER s.r.o., which uses 100% domestic capital in the Czech Republic, where the company's properly taxed income is strictly controlled by an official tax audit. We mostly use the services of domestic carriers, all of our warehouse spaces are in this country and we support many Czech producers and suppliers of goods and services.

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